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Virtual Sales Mentor (VSM) is a 12 week program customized to the needs of your sales representative. Each week the coaching calls provides training, structure, and accountability. Homework assignments are often given (example: research 5 competitors) to continue learning throughout the week.


Week 1: Kickoff call with Manager to define goals and customize program layout

Week 1 - 12: 1 hour call with Sales Reps

Week 1 - 12 weekly report sent to Manager

Week 6: Mid-way point call with Manager

Week 12: Wrap up call with Manager


Example Program

Week 1

Market analysis, target prospect attributes, competitors; homework is market analysis in writing, competitive analysis, determine what the target prospect attributes should be.


Week 2

What makes you unique, value proposition, product review - what are you selling, strategies you offer. homework - create value chart. Be prepared to talk about how you get leads, bring 10 leads - as you know today how to do it.


Week 3

Lead generations, preparing for the next step/ call preparation and research. So for the leads they bring to today - do the research and call prep for them.


Week 4

Making the call, overcoming objections and role playing. minimal qualifying. objective is to get appointment. determine if they are decision maker or influencer. make calls from their leads and note feedback. where did you struggle, what were the objections?


Week 5

Prepping for the appointment - how to prepare and conduct and appointment. Share call worksheet, could be homework is to shadow on a sales call.


Week 6

Conducting the appointment - what do to on a sales call. What not to do. Homework is to lead appointment with another salesperson


Week 7

Conducting an appointment again


Week 8 - 12

Pipeline review, what do you have and where are they in the process?
Focus on calls, closing and keeping the pipeline full

Virtual Sales Mentor

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