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Recorded Webinar: Upgrade your Internal Training and Development and Impact your Bottom Line


Create and implement a first class training program!

Does your “training” program consist of new hires spending a few days observing colleagues, taking notes, and not much else? Do you struggle to design and consistently stick to a structured training plan? Employees are the heartbeat of any staffing organization and always its biggest differentiator. Each employee hired, or transitioned into a new role, should be considered an opportunity to engage and enable employees to be as productive as possible. The good news, you do not need a Vice President of Training to accomplish this. In this webinar we will give you the tools to:

  • Build it and they will come: Start with a foundation and keep building

  • Develop opportunities for learning for current team, not just new employees

  • Leverage different ways adults learn…even millennials

  • Increase retention of information by training, not telling

  • Overcome challenges: virtual environments, dedicated time for learning, sourcing materials

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