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Mailbag: Candidate Ghosting

More and more we see candidates fall off or disappear after submitting their background to a client. How can we do a better job of keeping candidates engaged during the process?

We are living in a culture that today’s headlines are tomorrow’s old news. Keeping candidates highly engaged is critical in today’s market. Leverage all communication methods (phone, email, text) to stay in touch throughout the week, perhaps even daily. You may not have anything new to report to your candidate, but keeping in touch indicates they are still under consideration and they have your attention.

When recruiters focus on the completing of tasks, candidates feel processed. Instead, focus your conversations on the candidate’s wants and needs, asking thoughtful questions.

What do you think this position could do for your career?

What would prevent you from accepting this position?

If they made you an offer tomorrow, would you take it?

If you had a magic wand, what would you change about the position?

Their answers will give you valuable insight into their motivation and thoughts as well as help you build a relationship that you care about them beyond just making a placement.

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