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Staffing eTrainer provides a variety of packaged, off the shelf training products for an Onsite Manager.  These allow a staffing company to purchase a well-designed training program or framework for your own new hire training. Why recreate a program that is available right now, to implement today?


eLearning is a great way to consistently educate and develop your team on a variety of skills.  These are ondemand courses so the learner can gain knowledge when and where it is most convenient.  They are not simply videos, but interactive and engaging learning modules. The courses include assessments to ensure the information was learned and knowledge was gained.  

eLearning Onsite Manager Training


Staffing Operations

We offer eLearning courses that are specific to the staffing industry and address the operations areas of a staffing agency. The courses cover the following areas:

  • History of Staffing

  • Staffing Strategies

  • Why Professionals Choose Staffing

  • Mastering Communication Skills

  • Discrimination Free Screening

  • Hiring the Best

  • Beyond the Interview: Validating Skills & References

  • The Client Connect

  • Taking a Client Request

  • Making a Successful Match

  • Selling the Opportunity

  • The Quality Assurance Cycle

  • Understanding Industry Profits

General Business

We offer courses from a global eLearning provider: OpenSesame.  We have a library of over 100 courses available to your team. These courses cover a variety of topics, which are not staffing industry specific, but extremely beneficial to staffing professionals. Course topics include but not limited to:

  • Sales Basics and Sales Procedures

  • HR and Compliance

  • Management Skills

  • Personal Productivity

  • Safety

  • Communication

  • Financial


Over Staffing eTrainer’s over 24 years in business, we have written hundreds of custom training programs.  Many of those are new hire training program.  We have taken our best practices for all those custom programs and created a framework for five different positions within the staffing industry. 


These toolkits are intended to assist your new hire onboarding by providing a program for a new hire through their first three months.  

Onsite Manager Toolkit



This toolkit is specifically for a new onsite manager and includes topics such as: learning about your company, the staffing industry, a day in the life of a recruiter, sourcing, screening, interviewing through payroll and offboarding a temporary associate. It also includes management topics such as: getting to know your team, business acumen, leading and developing your team, and internal employee care.

NOTE: This toolkit includes the contents of the Recruiter New HireToolkit + additional management content.

  • New Hire Workbook for Onsite Manager

  • Training Checklist

  • Trainer Guide

  • Customer Engagement Journal

  • Key Resource Documents

  • Employee Interview Aid

  • Onsite Orientation Observation Form

  • Job Order Form

  • Weekly & Monthly Evaluations

  • Completion Certificate

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