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Recruitment Training


Recruiters are a critical component of every staffing company’s success.


How they are on-boarded directly impacts YOUR bottom line. How are you helping your new team members feel supported and get to full productivity faster? The staffing industry struggles with retaining team members. Therefore, training new hires is more important than ever. 

  • The average turnover of internal staff in the staffing industry is almost 30%.  

  • According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for 3 years if they experienced great onboarding. *

Staffing eTrainer opened in 1999 to address these issues and challenges for you. We offer various possibilities for new hire training, take a look below.


*source (

  • Staffing 101

  • Staffing 201

  • Custom/Private Webinars

  • Staffing Industry Specific - Staffing Operations, Intro to Staffing

  • General Business eLearning -Skillsoft

  • New Hire Toolkit


Recruiter New Hire Toolkits & All Inclusive Community
"For many years, I have been looking for a Recruiter and Sales Training program that not only provides a solid foundation of knowledge to a new Recruiter & Salespeople, but not so fundamental that experienced personnel will be challenged by it.  We have finally found that program!
William Rose, Partner,
Eclipse Professional Services
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