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Our custom solutions are for companies looking for training programs that are custom to their organization. Companies may choose to customize a Staffing eTrainer prepacked or live training module, or build something fresh customized to their needs, resources, and budget. Get in touch to learn more about how this service can help you.

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Recent Projects

Account manager meeting

Customized Account Manager

Customized Account Manager Training Program

"During our training session, Amy gave our account managers valuable tools and insights for building client relationships. Using real-world scenarios, she engaged our team and helped them understand the operating realities of our clients. In particular, she provided guidance on planning, scheduling, and conducting effective client calls. Our team is better equipped to handle objections and prepare for sales calls thanks to Amy's training. We highly recommend Staffing to anyone looking to hone their skills in these areas."


- Gene Auguillard Director, Retail Account Manager

SASR Workforce Solutions

Train the Trainer Meeting

Train The Trainer

Training Coaching & Mentoring

"She is a great coach, teacher, and trainer.  Amy creates an atmosphere conducive to the interchange of ideas; she inspires changes in behavior. "

- Russ Harlan

MAU Workforce Solutions

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Customize a Recruiter New Hire Tool Kit

Customize a Recruiter New Hire Tool Kit

Develop a customized New Hire Recruiter Training program that bears your organization's branding by leveraging our Off The Shelf Tool Kits under license.

Introduction to Sales Training

Introduction to Sales Training

Introduction to Sales Training

Our course is designed specifically for members of your team who are not in traditional sales roles but are responsible for incorporating sales techniques into their daily routines. This program is tailored to help new account managers and recruiters learn the fundamentals of the sales process and how to apply them effectively

Servant Leadership Webinar Series for Branch Managers

Servant Leadership Webinar Series for Branch Managers

Servant Leadership

In person interactive training for branch managers to strengthen manager skills based on the tenants of Servant Leadership.  Servant leadership is a leadership philosophy in which the leader's primary focus is to serve their team, rather than the other way around. The leader prioritizes the needs and growth of their team members, and works to create an environment in which they can thrive and reach their full potential.

Servant leadership is a people-centric approach to leadership that focuses on empowering and serving the needs of the team, leading to higher levels of engagement, trust, and productivity

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