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Our best in class training programs include a blend of digital and in person learning.  While the advantages of digital learning cannot be denied – lower cost, 24/7 on demand, convenience – it cannot duplicate the learning an individual experiences from interactive connections with a trainer, coach, or fellow classmates and colleagues.

Webinar Training

Private In Person
Webinar Training

Staffing eTrainer offers multiple options for in person training. Each can be delivered with or without customization to your organization’s specific policies, procedures, and technology.

Private in person or webinar training on the following topics:

  • So You Just Got a Promotion…New Supervisor Training

  • Being a Servant Leader

  • Improving Communication Skills for Stronger Team Dynamics

  • Goal Setting and Company Alignment

  • You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling

Our past participants have given us a rating of 96 out of 100! They love our program!

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