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Go on a Silent Retreat, Can I do That??

By Amy Munroe

About 10 years ago some friends invited me on a silent retreat. I laughed at first and said, “I cannot do that. Be silent for a whole weekend, no way!” Anyone who knows me, knows I like to talk. But, they encouraged me and said join us. I thought if they can do this then I can do this.

If you have not ever been on a silent retreat, may I suggest you do so. Being silent for a few days is life-changing. When I say silent, I mean no talking to others at any point even during meals. It means to turn off all electronic devices, so your thoughts are not disturbed. We were in a very small South Georgia town and little cell service was there anyway.

Those few days were inspiring for me. God showed up in so many ways and guided my thoughts the whole weekend. What do I mean by that? I spent a good bit of my time in prayer. I allow myself to talk to and then be silent to hear God’s guidance for me. With this, he unveiled such peace to my soul, such clarity in my life.

The last time I went it was the fall of 2020. During that visit, I realized that to be who God wants me to be in the future, I need to shed my ‘leaves’ which are decades of habits, thoughts, and traits. Once I let those old ways go, I can be renewed. I am a child of God and a continuous work in progress. I was gently reminded that Fall comes every year and so do our seasons of shedding old thoughts and habits to become better/stronger/happier humans.

If you can’t take a weekend away, try a silent retreat at your house. Take 30 minutes every day and do not talk with anyone, do not turn on any electronic devices. It might be your time to take a walk in nature, or maybe sitting on your back porch looking at your yard. If you allow it, you can be in the presence of God and appreciate your blessings and his love. Who knows, maybe he will also reveal something to you if you let him.

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