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Remote Sales Strategies for Staffing Professionals

By David Searns

Drop-in calls. Conferences. Networking events.

Face-to-face sales methods have gone by the wayside – at least for now.

In an industry that relies heavily on personal relationships, what are the best sales strategies for staffing professionals?

Help Your Team Master Remote Selling

As you have probably already learned, remote selling is not like selling in person. It’s harder to capture attention and build relationships. However, remote selling does have its strengths, and with the right tools and process, your sales team can be more productive and more effective at selling over the Internet.

Here are some of the strategies and tools to consider:

Remote Sales Strategies

· Create more engaging cold outreach emails

· Create more compelling LinkedIn connection requests

· Change your messaging to: “How can we help?”

· Become even more consultative

· Focus on clients' future, not just present needs

Remote Sales Tools

· Video email

· Zoom (think beyond meetings – consider webinars, service demos, video case studies and testimonials)

· Online proposal and presentation software

· Marketing automation

· IP tracking software (so you know who is visiting your website)

· Talent Showcase (skill market via your website)

· Website fly-ins

The most effective remote sales professionals use content and digital marketing to capture attention, and they integrate multiple communication channels into their outreach. These pros focus on capturing attention and adding value first, and then through their discovery process they pivot to selling staffing services.

What’s the right sales strategy for your staffing company?

Remote selling is just one strategy your firm can try. In truth, the "right" overall strategy for your firm might be a combination of several initiatives. What works best for you may not work best for others. And conversely, what works for them might not be best for you.

If we look at past recessions, however, the companies that were most successful drove sales by:

· Strengthening their core competencies – getting even further ahead of their competitors.

· Diversifying into new services that matched their skills and abilities.

· Digitally transforming their business to improve customer service, increase efficiency and lower cost of delivery.

· Getting more aggressive about marketing to stay visible, strengthen positioning and capitalize on more opportunities.

· Providing sales teams with the tools and support needed to succeed.

2020 will not be easy for those of us in the staffing industry. But by providing your account managers with the right training and resources for remote sales, you can pave the way for success in the months and years to follow.

Looking for more resources to drive sales in this economy?

Visit our COVID-19 Recovery Resources web page, packed with business strategy and marketing ideas to help your staffing firm stand out, stay top-of-mind and sell more.

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