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Rules for Successful Direct Mail Marketing

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

By Prudence Shank, Haley Marketing

Despite what you may have heard, reports of the death of direct marketing have been greatly exaggerated. It might surprise you to learn that direct mail is actually in the midst of an epic comeback, but the digital space has become so crowded and noisy that marketers are turning to this old-school approach as a way to stand out from the crowd and build connections.

If you’ve been thinking about adding direct mail to your staffing firm’s marketing mix, keep the following rules in mind.

Keep It Simple

Americans’ attention spans are short and getting shorter. People want concise, straightforward communication. Every direct mail piece you send should be succinct and focused on one area. Simplicity should also carry forth into your design, with a clean and easy-to-read layout.

Use Non-Traditional Sizing

Traditional postcards and letter-sized envelopes won’t stand out as anything but “junk.” To stay out of the circular file, do something unique, even if it means spending a little more on postage. Try an oversized postcard or large, puffy envelope to attract attention.

Show, Don’t Tell

The words you use in a direct mail piece are crucial but remember – attention spans are short. Copy should be concise and skimmable, and images should be leveraged to tell the rest of the story. Pictures can be a powerful way to capture your brand. And when combined with effective copy, your direct mail pieces will make an impact.

Integrate Direct Marketing into the Customer Journey

Direct mail is often used as a standalone means to introduce a business to your staffing services. Typically, your sales team follows up after a direct mail campaign is implemented. But direct mail can be extremely powerful in reverse – that is, when it is integrated into your customer journey.

Most prospects expect follow-up calls and follow-up emails, but few expect relevant and useful mail to be delivered to their desks. Develop thoughtful and effective pieces tailored to each stage of the process from awareness to consideration to decision.

Control Costs And Improve ROI through Targeting

The cost of direct mail marketing is its biggest drawback, but costs can be controlled by targeting your campaigns. Mail is classified as “junk” when it is not relevant to the recipient. When it is relevant, they open it, read it and act on it. Targeting allows you to mail fewer pieces and provides budget flexibility to increase the quality of each mailing.

Want to drive more sales with direct marketing?

Haley Marketing Group will work with you to develop a cost-effective direct mail campaign that grabs attention, generates interest in your staffing firm, and converts prospects into clients.

About Haley Marketing Group

provides website development, email and content marketing, social media marketing and strategy consulting to the staffing industry. We provide services to more than 1,200 staffing and recruiting firms throughout the world, ranging from solo recruiters to larger staffing and recruiting organizations with regional, national and international offices. Our mission is simple: to make great marketing more affordable!

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