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Your Airplane Trail

By Amy Munroe

What Kind of Airplane Trail Do You Leave?

Those who know me, know I love tennis. I am also very competitive and can be a bit determined on the courts. I am working on being a kinder person on the court and not letting my emotions get the best of me. Emotions can really impact your head game.

One day at the tennis courts I looked up and saw a plane flying through a bright blue sky and it was leaving a white trail. I am sure you have seen many of these in your life.

That day, while I was looking at it, I thought “What kind of trail do I leave?”. After I pass through moments in the day, or on the court, what do I leave behind? Do I leave kindness and love or do I leave a grouchy encounter, an exasperated look, or even unkind words?

A week later I was playing another tennis match and my opponent was tough. I was getting frustrated and looked up to take a breath. Guess what I saw...yep, another plane with a trail. It was my reminder to leave each encounter on a positive note. Not to let a silly tennis game get the best of me, or to let it impact my emotions.

I think our purpose in life is to spread love, kindness, caring, and respect. This was one of Jesus’ main teachings…love your neighbor as yourself. I can say I don’t always do that. There are times when I am more wrapped up in what I am thinking about or my situation and not aware of others around me or their feelings. This airplane trail reminded me that our lives need to be lived thinking about others and the way we can impact their lives.

Today, let’s try to be aware of the trail we are leaving behind. Let’s all try to leave a trail of kindness with a smile.

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